Getting a underground dog fence installed by a professional can be pretty expensive depending on the route you go. This blog is to help you make the right decision, whether you choose Superior Dog Fence to protect your dog in Richmond, Virginia, or anywhere else for that matter. Here are 6 things that make up your price.

1) Are You Hiring Someone Local, or a Dealership?

Depending if you go with one of those big brands, or a local small business can be the reason you spend $1,300 or $2,300 on your professionally installed dog fence. A Dealership has a ton of overhead, guys, trucks, brick and mortar store, etc. You local pet fence installer will always be your better choice. Here at Superior Dog Fence we give out the owners personal cell phone which he encourages people to call/text day or night with any questions or concerns. Some dealers are only open 4 hours a day, very inconvenient when you realize your dogs collar batter just died.

2) What Type of Equipment Are You Getting?

Our industry has a ton of options for a ton of different needs customers may have. Do you just want a simple collar and transmitter? Do you want a collar that’s rechargeable and a transmitter that has all the bells and whistles? Its important that a professional help you in choosing a good lightweight, rechargeable collar with a transmitter you don’t need to replace in 3 years. Here at Superior Dog Fence our customers love the Petsafe’s YardMax System. This is a All-In-One system that comes with a rechargeable collar, and allows you to have devices to keep your dog away from areas inside (upstairs, trash can, kitty litter, furniture), and specific areas outside (front or back porch, gate to pool, flower bed). This system is compatible to Invisible Fences Boundaries Plus, but saves you over $1,500 (invisible fence does not have a rechargeable collar).

3) Are You Putting the Wire in the Woods?

Where you want the layout of the perimeter wire will effect the cost of your underground dog fence. When your installation professional arrives, this is the best time to put the wire where you want, especially going with a local professional. Usually working with someone local your already saving thousands of dollars. The biggest reason though is local professionals usually work as a One-And-Done, meaning unless you did some major landscaping you will not need to call that professional back out. You can change collar settings, and transmitter setting all on your own, other franchise companies will require you to contact them and set up an appointment for any collar changes requiring a trip and labor charge.

4) How Does the Company Give you a Quote?

Most franchise dealerships still send someone out to your home to give you a quote. Not only is this time consuming, but puts you in a awkward situation. Who wants the pressure of someone coming to your house and selling you something? This costs that company a ton of money, paying that sales person, paying for the truck and gas to see you, etc. Also this is very inconvenient for you. You would have to wait 1-2 weeks for someone to come out and sell you a product, then 1-2 weeks for the installer to come out. At Superior Dog Fence we use modern technology to see your property online, which tells us how much wire is needed, and to outline the desired layout you requested. This is very important, because it saves you hundreds of dollars, and saves you a ton of time.

5) What Type of Layout do you Need?

Most dog fence professionals will suggest installing wire around your entire property. This ensures your dog is protected when in the front and back yard. Some people want their dog when they are in the back to not be able to get into the front, and vise versa. Also some people only want the front or back done, which sometimes can be tricky. Say you only want your dog to be in the back yard, you do need the wire to go around the front and hug the house in order to complete the circuit. At Superior Dog Fence we have the technology that other franchise dealerships do not have due to their product restrictions. We have the strongest transmitter in the market that allows us to use the waterline under your soil to complete the circuit. Now this would be enough information for another article, so please contact us if you feel you need this. This type of system is perfect for our customers who have townhomes.

6) How far Are You?

Franchise companies have contacts they have to obey by.. So they can only go so far, the farther you are, the more they have to charge. Sometimes this charge is a “hidden fee” shown up on the contract. At Superior Dog Fence we are locally and family owned right here in Richmond, Hampton Roads, and Virginia Beach. Being local, and not a franchise, we do not have contracts with our customers, or dealership contracts that restrict us from going where we want. This also allows us to not have “hidden fees.” When you get a quote from us, the price you see is what you pay, tax included.

The Bottom Line

Having the support of a local company to make sure you wire is buried as deep as possible is very important for the longevity of your equipment. Warranties for you underground dog fence are important, and using industry leading, safe equipment are important. The best way to get these things are using your locally owned pet fence company. They will be able to save you the most money, while giving you the most bang for your buck. Locally owned underground dog fence companies will absolutely give you better customer service and support compared to franchise companies. You don’t have to worry about when the store closes, business times, etc. If you are in the Richmond, Newport News, Hampton, or Virginia Beach area and are looking for a great pet fence company fill out a instant quote request form and see what the Superior Difference is.