If you live in a cold or wet climate, you know that it can sometimes be challenging to keep your dog safe as temperatures drop. If you have a yard that gets even the occasional bout of snow or ice, there are a few things you can do to make sure it is more pet-friendly this winter season. Check out some of our top tips for making your outside space safe and fun for your furry friend below.

Ensure Your Yard Is Safe and Secure

During any season, but especially winter, it is important that you make sure your yard is safe and secure so your pet is not able to escape. During the winter, it is much more dangerous for a dog to escape their yard due to the cold weather. They are also much more likely to get lost after leaving their home because it can be difficult to follow scent trails in the snow or ice.

In addition to the normal distractions, if your pet is outside during harsh weather such as wind, ice, or hail, it may scare them and cause them to try to escape. This can be one of the scariest times to lose your pet, as it may be difficult for you to get outside to search for them. Visibility will also likely be low, reducing the chance of spotting them from afar.

Avoid the stress of a potential escape during winter weather by installing a perimeter boundary for your dog. This can be a traditional fence, installed properly so they cannot dig under it or get over it. You may also consider an invisible fence to help train them of where their boundaries are. Whatever you choose, make sure your dog is kept inside your yard no matter what happens this winter.

Remove or Protect Any Potential Pet Hazards

Once your yard is secured, you want to make sure that there are no potential hazards that could harm your pet. Potential hazards could include toxic plants, frozen ponds, or anything else that could cause your pet bodily harm if they get into it.

In order to keep your pet safe, consider removing these hazards if they are easy to transport, like a potted plant. For more permanent features, like a pond or landscape feature, you can use an invisible containment system to keep your pet away from it. Invisible fence systems can be installed around any areas that you want to make sure your pet cannot access, for their safety or the safety of your yard.

Provide Easy Access to Shelter

Many dogs can go outside during colder temperatures, with some breeds thoroughly enjoying it. However, this is extremely breed-dependent, so it is important to understand the needs of your dog. If you normally leave your dog outside for long periods of time during the summer, you need to keep an eye on the temperature during the winter and make adjustments as they drop. If a dog is outside for long periods of time in cold weather, it can lead to frostbite, hypothermia, or worse. This is especially true for smaller, short-haired dogs.

If you do plan to leave your dog outside during the colder months, it is essential that they have access to shelter from cold weather and potential inclement weather. This could be an insulated doghouse where they can stay warm and dry, but better yet, consider installing a pet door. This will allow your dog to come inside on their own when it gets too cold for them. Many newer dog doors are programmable to make sure that only the pet you intend to be using it is able to. This keeps other pets safe from getting outside and your house safe from other animals getting inside.

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