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Isn’t a Dealer Installed system better?

Dealer Installed systems are not giving you anything special. The technology is basically the same from brand to brand, even though they might tell you otherwise. They also will not disclose additional costs up front, such as batteries, service, computer collars, etc.

That’s why at Superior Dog Fence we pride ourselves on the Superior part. Letting you know everything up front, and its included in the price. No surprises.

Why does it cost less for you to install a Dog Fence?

We have structured our business to be absolutely cost effective by doing the following:

  1. Becoming a Independent contractor and working directly with vendors (not signing any contract restrictions like distributors do) to negotiate special prices.
  2. Spending less on advertising and relying on “Word of Mouth.” This makes sure our customer experience is our top priority.
  3. No territory restrictions, we are not held back by manufacturer contracts and go where our customers need us.
  4. Lastly, we revolutionized the estimate process. No more waiting weeks for someone to come out for an estimate, then weeks more before actually getting your dog fence. We send you a quote fast, and schedule your fence normally within 1 week.

Explain your training how you are different.

This is one of the main reasons we started Superior Dog Fence. We wanted to help customers have successful containment experiences. We know all dogs are not the same, there are different breeds, along with different experiences. So we designed “Gentle Approach”, a training method that starts at tone only and low correction levels. While other companies are still using extremely high correction levels, we have seen absolute success with our “Gentle Approach” method.

Can I make adjustments when I need to?

Absolutely! Plus, we will not only show you how to do it yourself, we will give you phone support incase you forget or need advice on how to adjust your computer collar. When other company make you pay hundreds of dollars to come out and adjust your collar, we do our best to show how Superior we are.

Invisible Fence Brand is the biggest name in the business, Why should I not go with them?

There are several reasons why:

  1. Expense. They are the most expensive brand on the market (equipment, service, etc) and provides outdated technology to their customers.
  2. Batteries. Like I said, they use outdated technology. Batteries last half as long, and are twice as expensive then other brands we offer.

Why is a underground fence better than a physical fence?

I have seen dogs do amazing things. They will find very creative ways to either jump over, go under, or even through the gate of a physical fence. Its far less likely for a dog to go through a underground fence. Also the physical fence does nothing about your dog getting out the front door, or the garage. A underground fence contains your dog in your property. No getting out!

Why should I get a underground fence rather than a wireless fence?

With a underground fence, you know where the wire is, so you and your dog know the boundary. Unfortunately, with wireless systems it is never a consistent boundary. All wireless signals (cell service, cable modems and routers, bluetooth, etc) interfere with wireless fences. Due to so much inconsistency I high recommend underground fences.

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