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Gentle Approach Pet Training

After installing your customized Superior Dog Fence, training is the next step to ensure that your dog can fully experience the freedom of his or her yard. This includes establishing the outdoor boundaries by introducing your dog to the flags.

One of the many reasons why we revolutionized the training process is by introducing our dogs to the fence, using TONE ONLY, we have found amazing results…shall we say Superior?

Big-name distributor/installers start dogs by giving them a static correction right off the bat, this is WRONG.

Step one: Introduction to fence

Proper training is very important, so we will customize each training session to your dog’s personality, temperament, and breed. In step 1 of training, we will introduce your dog to the flags on TONE ONLY (as stated above. The flags represent his boundary line) this first part of the process will include showing your dog that every time he goes near the flags, he will hear a beeping noise. We gently teach and reward your furry friend when he or she retreats from the boundary line. In this session, we familiarize your dog with the flags on your property with lots of practice and repetition.

Step two: Introduction to correction

In step 2 of training, we will show your dog that when he or she now approaches the flags, your friend will experience a low correction, which will teach him to retreat to his or her safe area. The correction may startle your dog (feeling much like the static of touching a doorknob) and we will adjust his collar accordingly. Your dog will learn that by ignoring the warning beep and going near his or her boundary, they will experience this mild correction. We will then customize the correction to your dog’s personality and temperament.

Step three: Testing your pet and removing the leash

In step three, we want to make sure that your dog will be contained in his or her boundary by showing them where the safe areas are and where they are not. This may include adjusting their computer collar and tempting them with treats. Your pet will continue to experience the correction and will be rewarded with praise when he retreats. At this point, we will remove his leash and allow him to experience the safety and freedom of the yard.

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