In-Ground Pet Fence Wire Break Repair

So your System is not working. There is a chance that your system has a break in the wire. No problem! No matter if your break is from new construction, landscaping, or general house maintenance, give us a call. The safety of your dog is our priority. We will be out quickly, and have your system up and functioning in no time!

Wire repair

Didn’t purchase a fence from us … No Worries. We service all local franchised pet fence companies such as Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, Pet Stop, and Pet Safe Brands.

Sometimes in extreme cases of a wire break, we recommend a rewiring or at least a partial rewiring of your yard. If your dog fence has multiple breaks due to construction or landscaping and is beyond repair, we encourage our customers to get a partial rewiring of their underground dog fence, instead of paying to fix what is possibly beyond repair.

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Superior Dog Fence of Richmond serves the Richmond, Virginia area.

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