Mechanicsville VA Invisible Pet Containment Installation

There is nothing more important than keeping your little furry friends safe and happy, while still being able to enjoy the great outdoors.

At Superior Dog Fence, we create only the most high-quality products at the best prices. We have been working hard to keep your loved family pets protected for years now and we do not settle for anything less than only the very best.

Superior Dog Fence will not only go to great lengths to make sure our products get the job done safely and efficiently, but we will also do so while saving our customers 30% over our closest competitors.

Simply put, Superior Dog Fence is the only business you need to rely on when you are looking out for the well-being and happiness of your dogs. Why is that? For these few, very simple reasons.

No-Hassle Quotes

There is nothing worse than calling upon a company for a service only to be met with a slew of quotes that aren’t accurate and cost an arm and a leg. But with Superior Dog Fence, you are guaranteed no-hassle quotes that are fast, accurate, and reliable. Plus, there are multiple ways for you to receive our no-hassle quotes. You can call or text us to ask about the price of our services or to ask any questions at all. We are ready and eager to serve you!

No Deposit Needed

Many invisible fence companies look to get paid before they get to work on your yard. But with Superior Dog Fence, you don’t need to put a single penny down at the beginning of our process. We don’t accept any money from our future customers until the work is finished and satisfactory.

Why would you pay for something before it’s delivered? That’s not how we do things at Superior Dog Fences. No deposits are ever needed when you call upon us.

No Hidden Fees

When you call us for a quote about our top-of-the-line invisible dog fences, you will be given a quote that is 100% accurate. Unlike other companies, Superior Dog Fence isn’t going to tack on a bunch of extra charges hidden in the fine print. You won’t be surprised when you receive your bill and see the bottom line.

Hidden fees have become commonplace in many industries, including invisible dog fences. But you don’t have to worry about that when you are using Superior Dog Fence. We will charge you the agreed-upon and nothing more. We value your time, your commitment to us, and your finances and we would do nothing to disrespect that.

Multiple Packages From Which to Choose

At Superior Dog Fence, we know that there are many different needs depending on your specific home and yard. That is why we provide multiple different options that are perfect for any home, making sure that you can find the perfect fit.

We can offer you SDF Pro System, YardMax Pro System, and the 3-Sided Fence for any of our customers. Each of these packages has its own benefits that can be customized and tailor-made for any yard. No matter the size of your yard, your home, and your dogs, Superior Dog Fence will find a package that works for you, exactly like you wanted.

Call Superior Dog Fence of Richmond Today!

The best part about these packages is that we are willing and ready to walk you through each of them. Do you have any questions about what we offer? Are you not sure which is right for you and your pet?  Feel free to call or text us at any time and we will discuss all your options and find the package that perfectly fits your needs. We want you to walk away from your experience both satisfied and happy and we will stop at nothing to make sure that’s the case.