SDF Pro System in Richmond VA

This system is our most popular system. 100% made in the USA. It has all the bells and whistles you could possibly need in an invisible fence system. Our rechargeable collars are built with military-grade plastic to ensure quality and durability. 30 different levels of user-adjustable stimulation with a great No-Run-Thru feature that ensures containment and peace of mind. Our Collars are waterproof and shock-resistant. Battery backup is included. Premium Lightning Protection to ensure your system will last a lifetime. This system is the best of the best.

This system includes

  • Rechargeable Collars
    SDF 2000 system uses Lithium-Polymer powered Rechargeable Collars (which only require a 1-hour charge every 2-3 months). This extremely popular feature can save you up to $1,125 in battery costs over the average lifetime of each dog in your household. This also enables Superior Dog Fence to offer the “Lowest Cost of Ownership” of any professionally installed containment system in the Richmond, Virginia area (Our competition charges up to $74.95 per dog / per year for their Battery Plan.) Ask yourself, would you want a battery-powered cell phone? Our rechargeable collars only need to be charged 6 times per year at the most, and if the internal rechargeable battery ever fails to hold a charge, we will replace that battery free of charge…for life. You can’t beat that!
  • 30 Different Levels of Stimulation
    Unlike some of our competitors, should you need to make an adjustment to the collar’s stimulation level, there is no need to schedule an appointment that you have to pay for, nor do you have to wait a few weeks for a technician to arrive if you want them to come to you, again at a charge. Our system is easy to operate using simple and modern technology. We allow our users to easily change the correction level of each collar individually.
  • Over-Stimulation Prevention
    When your dog wears his collar outside and goes to the line he first gets a warning tone to let him know he has gone to far outside his boundary. If he decides to continue to go outside his boundary, he will get a vibration as a warning for the 2nd time. If he decides to go further, then he will get a “Blunt Stimulation” that is harmless but unpleasant enough that it should deter him from going out of bounds again.
  • Run-Through Technology
    Our Systems include a Unique and “Patented Run-Through Prevention” feature that automatically increases the stimulation level when your dog continues more than 1/3 of the way through their pet fencing field. Your dog cannot escape the pet fencing field without activating a stronger stimulation.
  • Anti-linger technology to save battery life
    With this technology, your dog’s receiver automatically goes into battery-saving mode. This ensures your battery lasts as long as possible.
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Industrial Grade Plastic ensures long-lasting durability
  • Advanced Radio Frequency for more accurate activation
  • Waterproof & Shock Resistant
    Superior Dog Fence offers truly “Waterproof Collars.” In fact, our collar/receivers can be submerged to 500ft of depth. Our competitors’ collars use expensive batteries, meaning their collars have a battery opening using a rubber seal on the lid which they tighten when closing the battery compartment. This makes their collars “Water Resistant” – NOT “Waterproof” like the collars offered through Superior Dog Fence. Nothing is getting into our collars because they are completely sealed which makes them extremely durable and shockproof.
  • Quick Charge Li-Polymer Battery
  • Battery Back-Up Included
    The SDF-2000 features a complete built-in integrated battery backup in case of loss of electricity. There is no need to worry about your dog leaving your property during a power outage in your neighborhood. Our underground dog fence system can run for approximately 30 hours on 6 standard AA batteries. Our system constantly monitors these backup batteries for freshness and will alert you if the batteries ever need to be replaced.
  • Premium Lightning Surge Protection
    Superior Dog Fence installs an industry-leading Lightning Surge Protector with every installation. Our Lightning Surge Protection is specifically designed to protect underground pet containment systems against damage from lightning strikes and surges from your home.

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