Invisible Dog Fencing in Richmond VA

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SDF Pro System

100% Made in the USA!

Our Most Popular Professionally Installed System

This system has all the bells and whistles you could possibly need in an invisible fence system. Our rechargeable collars are built with industrial grade plastic to ensure quality and durability, in other words chew proof and are Waterproof and Shock Resistant. 30 different levels of user-adjustable Blunt-Stimulation, with a great No-Run-Thru feature that ensures containment and pace of mind.

What is Blunt-Stimulation?

Very Similar to a TENS Unit, our collars use blunt stimulation (muscle contraction) rather than our competitors’ shock simulation.

Our Dogs learn in days, not weeks, with less stress and anxiety!

This system is the best of the best!

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YardMax Pro System

This advanced system has top quality technology with all the pro upgrades you need. Upgraded Surge Protector, Upgraded HMWPE Direct burial abrasion resistant wire, Upgraded Lupine collar strap of your choice. All of this to ensure al long lasting investment. This system features a rechargeable collar, dual programs settings, 6 levels of user adjustable stimulation, and a progressive No-Run-Thru feature that ensures containment and peace of mind.

Options to consider:

  • Indoor Shield – This keeps your dog away form certain areas inside your home. Like going upstairs, digging in your trash can, running up to the front door when someone rings your doorbell, and so many other applications. This is a must have.
  • Outdoor Rock – This is an affordable way to keep your pet away from certain areas in your yard. Such as the gate to your pool or around your hot tub, decks, gardens, and so many other applications.

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3-Sided Fence

Here at Superior Dog Fence, we are the only ones in Virginia that have the technology that can contain your dog, in your back or front yard, without all the interference and hassle the wireless systems give you.

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