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The Superior Dog Fence System

First, We want to congratulate you on your first step toward freedom for you and your dog. As our customer we want to provide to you the absolute best quality products and services our industry has to offer.

3 Steps Toward Freedom

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This quote has no strings attached. Using modern technology, and answering our short form, we are able to send you a instant customized quote (It even includes your taxes.) So you don’t have to worry about any deposits, hidden fees, or any other surprises. We want all our customers to experience the Superior Difference.

2) Professional Install

Once we establish a convenient location for the transmitter (such as a garage or basement), where you want your boundary to be, and areas you want to keep the dog away from, it’s time to install your underground dog fence system!

We will also place blue boundary flags around the perimeter. This tells us where the computer collar will pick up the radio signal. This will be part of the Gentle Approach Training.

3) Gentle Approach Training

Our training is easy. Superior Dog Fence experts will walk you though step by step, answering questions. We leave you with a personal cell number which you can call/text day or night with questions. Training usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Our Guarantee

Here at Superior Dog Fence of Richmond, we’re delighted to provide our customers Superior service and industry leading customized solutions for your underground dog fence . So we have no problem backing our work with a lifetime limited warranty on new installs. So you can rest easy knowing you’re in Superior hands!

We use the same technology as the expensive, local franchised pet fence companies like Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, and Pet Stop…at a significant savings!

You get a Premium, Commercial Grade product, at a great price with SUPERIOR DOG FENCE OF RICHMOND – WHY WOULD YOU PAY MORE FOR THE SAME PROTECTION

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Superior Dog Fence of Richmond serves the Richmond, Virginia area.

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