Best Invisible Dog Fence in Richmond

Why Choose Us?

Choosing a company to help keep your dog safe can be an overwhelming task.

We understand how difficult it can be to trust a company to do the right thing.

You want a reputable company to come alongside you to help keep your pets safe, without paying an arm and a leg…and we are here to help.

Here are four reasons Superior Dog Fence of Richmond should be your #1 choice to keep your dogs safe in your yard.

We are the only invisible dog fencing company with a 5 star rating!

We are proud to be the only invisible dog fencing company in Richmond with a 5-star rating on Google, Facebook, and we also received the “2021 Neighborhood Favorite” award from Nextdoor!

How did we achieve #1 Dog Fence Pro status on Social Media? We understand that you are not just a customer who needs help, you are our neighbor! Neighbors help each other. Don’t just take our word for it, you can read our amazing reviews on our profiles on Facebook, Nextdoor, Google, and Angie’s List.

Buy Richmond First

Superior Dog Fence of Richmond is not a dealership or franchise. We are a locally owned and operated small business. We do not have the overhead of the larger companies, so we are able to save you hundreds on your professionally installed system.

We work off word of mouth, so we strive to give you the best customer service you have ever experienced. When you call needing help or have questions, you will always have a local dog fence pro answer – not someone out of state, or someone who has never trained a dog.

User-Friendly Equipment with a lifetime warranty

We build solutions that best fit our customers. Our Invisible Dog Fencing solutions feature containment systems using Lithium-Polymer powered Rechargeable Collars, which only require a 1-hour charge every 2-3 months. This provides you with the lowest cost of ownership of any professionally installed containment system in the Richmond area. And just FYI: Our competition charges up to $74.95 per dog / per year for their Battery Plan. If you do the math, this ends up costing about $1,125 over the 15-year average lifespan of a dog.

Up-Front Pricing

Superior Dog Fence of Richmond will beat all competitors’ pricing (based on a written quote of an equivalent system with similar functionality including installation and warranty). All of our competitors are franchises, and franchises come with big expenses such as franchise fees, advertising fees, marketing material, etc. Those expenses are passed onto you – the consumer. In addition to offering rechargeable collars with no future battery costs, this alone makes Superior Dog Fence of Richmond the overall lowest cost provider of installed pet fence systems in this area.

We will never tease you with an entry-level price and then try to up-sell you with a bunch of add-ons. Our price quote is straight and fair upfront. Our Full-Service Package includes everything necessary to provide you and your dog with the safest and most secure computerized pet containment system available.

When it comes to invisible dog fence installations, we offer the home-field advantage.

We are locally owned and operated, and we have built our business on word of mouth, great customer service, honesty, and low overhead costs.

We build relationships with our customers, knowing that the safety of your pet is always the priority.

Contact us today for more information!

Your dog deserves the freedom to run and play, and you deserve the peace of mind knowing your dog is safely contained in your yard, the Superior way!